6 weeks.

One transfer.

That’s how long until I leave for the Provo MTC.


I am so excited!!

(although, I am realizing just how much I have left to do before I leave… YIKES!)

When we sent my twin brother off to the Guatemala MTC, I was afraid it would make me nervous about going,  but it didn’t.

Okay, maybe for like two seconds, but that doesn’t really count.

It made me SO EXCITED to serve!

Seeing how happy and peaceful he was made me feel so much better.

People keep asking me if I am nervous, and seem surprised when I say no.

But really, I’m not.

Sure, I have moments occasionally where I freak out a little, but I think that’s normal, and they pass quickly.

I know it will be fine, because this is the Lord’s work and he will take care of us.



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