A Funny Story

Before you read this post, there is something you have to know about Parker.

He is just one of those people where every Christmas, his are the presents that are broken, he is the one that accidentaly gets forgotten

{i.e. this Christmas we all got a card from our grandparents, and parkers was blank, iot was pretty hillarious actually!}.

It always happens to Parker. ALWAYS!

So, with that said here it is.

My twin brother Parker, got his Mission call last night to the Guatemala, Guatemala City South Mission!

He will report in June 12, and reports to the Guatemala MTC!

I am so excited for him! But actually getting his call in the mail was quite the adventure, so I’ll just start from the begining:

We were expecting parkers call Friday February 15.

Texts were sent, family was called, Facetime was set up. But, the mailman arrived without the long awaited big white envelope.

Dissapointed, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would possibly have to wait another week.

But then something changed.

I was driving home from work at about 6:30pm, when I get a frantic call from Parker saying I needed to get home NOW!

I, obviously, was confused, and told him I was on my way and asked what the big deal was.

He told me he would explain when I got home. Now, even more confused, I got home and walked in to my entire family freaking out!

Right before Parker had called me, they had recived a call from some random guy in Kansas City, and this was their conversation {well, the summarized version..}

“Hi, I called your Bishop and got your phone number. So my son, Alex Evans, opened his mission call tonight. He is at BYU, so he wa skyping us. After he read it, he realized that the packet that came with it didnt match up, so when he looked closer he realized that the letter was actually adressed to you. Apparently the letters that actually say your calls got switched. I scanned your letter and sent it to your Bishop so you can still get it tonight.”

So our bishop printed it off without reading it, put it in a big white envelope, and brought it over for Parker to open.

So again, we had to send texts, call family, and set up Facetime.

It was great!

We are all SO proud of him for deciding to serve! He will be such a fantastic missionary!

{even though he will tower over everyone there…haha}

Oh, and Parkers real big white envelope came in the mail today with the other kids letter in it, so we caled them, got their address and are sening it to them.

The other kid is going to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and reports July 10

{Just in case you were curious (; }





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